MDic TODO List: 

- Create a plugin system to support building backends to StarDict and other dictionary types
- Mangage dictionaries in a better way(Categories them) for multilingual Input! on Display and TTS! (can use spell checking for this)
- Code cleaning
- Improve history system
- Add a simple vocabulary trainer and displaying synonyms
- Add support to use Wikipedia, or other WIKIs, embed in MDic
- Making main Window smaller before entring any word (just textbox and history and search button)
- show phrase not found message on mdic main window.

Users requested:
- Adding options for:
    changing background image and font color

if you have any other Idea or want to help us about it, feel free to email us:


Development Snapshot: 

you can always download latest development snapshot from svn repository.

svn co mdic

To install it from source follow install instruction on README file included in files.

Note: if you have a previous snapshot and you want to update and install the new version, enter the main directory and do "svn update".


0.8.1 :
- New usability features:
    Option to separate remote resource dictionaries i.e. google translate from default searchs, to do not search them always.
    Option to do not search for texts with more than XX chars by selection.
- Using DBus to check for already running instance of MDic on X11 systems! and using the old lock file way on Windows!
- Matched with new google translate output.
- Fixed build problem on Ubuntu newer versions.

0.8 :
- Many changes in Gui and makeing it more KDE like.
- Build system changed to CMake
- Supporting text translation Using Google translate. (You have to add/configure dictionary for this)
- Support for Festival text to speech.
- Support for DBus, We can make global shortcuts in Window manager using this. (take a look at help dialog!)
- Code cleaning.
- Some old bugs fixed.

0.6.3 :

- A help window added.
- Spell checker added to app.
- Some bugs fixed.
- Support for libnotify-bin implemented.
- Support for KDE(3.5 or 4.x) KDialog PassivePopup implemented.

0.6.1 :
- bunch of bugs fixed.
- add option for on top of other windows property.

0.6 beta1 :

- check added databases to be useful.
- add support for adding bzip2 and gziped Databases.
- get fully multilingual.
- mainwindow get more resizable.
- databases informations get more.
- Increase dictionary speed, with adding option to tune databases.
- configure options for espeak added.
- (KDE Users) support for KDE Text to speech system added.
- add two other output modes: "System tray text messages" and "KDE Knotify" (KDE users only)
- most same result is the first, and you can set to show just first result on notifies.
- add an small history system to MDic.
- add function to support links bethween entries in babylon glossaries format mostly for babylon glossaries!
- add option to change selection scanner work, so you can set a modifier to set MDic selection scanner works only when modifier pressed.
- add a Graphical tool (embed in MDic) to use "mdicconv tool" (it can convert dictionary databases bethween some types like babylon glossaries, Stardict dictionaries and ...)
- some code cleaning.
- bunch of bugs fixed.


    Initial version.

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