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MDic is a free/open source multilingual dictionary for GNU/Linux

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You have to just select (or highlight) a word to view its meaning on the screen.  
MDic is able to pronounce the words by default if espeak or festival is installed. It is also possible to use Babylon glossaries (.bgl) , Stardict dictionaries (.ifo) , Freedict dictionaries (.tei) and Sdictionary dictionary (.dct) by converting them via MDicConv convertor or PyGlossary tool.
MDic supports fetching translation of a text from Google Translate service, You have to only add a dictionary and select source and destination languages for it.

The only pre-requirements to use MDic is Qt4 library.
on recent versions you also need GNU Aspell Library.

you can use MDic on any Desktop Environment.


12-Feb-2010: MDic 0.8.1 released : Changelog
07-Oct-2009: MDic 0.8 released
22-Nov-2008: MDic 0.6.3 released
11-Aug-2008: PyGlossary developers add support for mdic dictionaries.
29-Jul-2008:  MDicConv released
22-Jul-2008:  MDic 0.6.1 released
14-Jun-2008: MDic 0.6 beta 1 released
14-Jun-2008: MDicConv 0.2.6 released
20-Apr-2008: MDicConv 0.2.5 released
09-Apr-2008: Debian etch package uploaded
01-Apr-2008: MDic 0.4.41 released

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MDic is a free dictionary distributed under GNU GPL ver.3 licence.

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